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Sailor's Home Museum Sailor's Home Museum

Sailor's home museum is located in an old Southern Customs Office building built in the 1730s. Back then, the building was called Södra- eller Limongotullen (Southern or Liminka Customs) in Swedish, and it was originally located on the corner of Kirkkokatu and Nummikatu (present day Kirkkokatu 38). In 1983, the building was relocated to the island of Pikisaari and renovated to its 1880s appearance.

The building has been furnished as a sailor's home and tenant's quarters. On display are furniture and items typical for a sailor's home in the late 1800s.

The building's history and its previous owners – sailor Isak Matilainen, among others – are introduced with the help of a multimedia presentation. Matilainen worked as a cabin boy on the bark Helios during 1858–1860. The building is consequently also known as Matila's house.

Typical souvenirs brought home by sailors included porcelain dogs bought from England. A pair of dogs placed on the windowsill signaled the whereabouts of the head of the house to outsiders. If he was sailing on the seas, the dogs would peer outside the window. If, however, the head of the house was home, the dogs would be placed looking inside. Placement of the porcelain dogs informed neighbors and other passers-by whether the head of the house was recruited on a ship or not.

Pikisaarentie 6, Oulu 

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Museum is closed because of renovation.

Curator Kaija Niemitalo
Tel: +358 44 703 7188

The museum is open
May 26 – August 31, 2013
Daily 11 am – 5 pm

The museum is closed during juhannus:
June 21 – 23, 2013

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