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You can book a guided tour for the museum's basic exhibition at +358 50 316 6497 (office).

The tour lasts about an hour, during which we can efficiently cover the whole basic exhibition. The tour can also be modified to suit the needs and interests of your group.

Fees for guided tours:
Tuesday–Friday 10 am – 4.30 pm 30 €

The museum hosts several lectures each year. They are mainly organized by the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum Society. Attendance for these lectures is free of charge. For those interested in joining the Museum Society, please visit:

The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum Society

Do You Remember? – the Museum Does Do You Remember? – the Museum Does

Self-guided memory and reminiscence tours

The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum and Oulun Seudun Muistiyhdistys ry have together designed tours called "Do You Remember? – the Museum Does" for those suffering from dementia and for their loved ones.

The reminiscence tours are also welcome to other senior groups interested in the recollection of memories. What better place to bring back already forgotten memories or relive past events than a museum!

Comments from people who attended the tours:

"This was really nice, getting to touch, smell and even taste. It's hard to pick a highlight."

"The length of the tour was appropriate, and I managed well because I got to sit every once in a while."

"I would come again!"

"I will for sure tell my family about this."

"It feels good that I came. It was nice reminiscing with friends. You wouldn't do this kind of thing on your own."

What is memory?

Memory is defined as the ability to hold on to experiences and information and recall them to one's conscious mind. Memory is primarily thought of as a trait belonging to the individual, but the term "memory of nations" is often associated with the preservation of cultural heritage. To assist the communal memory, society maintains memory organizations, such as libraries, archives and museums.

The function of a museum is to collect, record, and archive material cultural heritage. The most visible form of operation to the public are exhibitions featuring different time periods and subjects. During a guided reminiscence tour taking advantage of the museum's exhibitions, the recollection can take place through all the senses: seeing, touching, listening, smelling, and tasting. Since touching museum objects is not allowed, reminiscence tours are provided with special prop items which one can interact with.

"Do You Remember? the Museum Does" self-guided tours feature several reminiscence points which can be done in groups but also with a caregiver or other loved one. Due to the extent of the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum's basic exhibition, we have chosen ten reminiscence points for the tour and created written questions for them (see pdf). Naturally, one can reminisce about anything that comes to mind. The tour is best done on each group's own terms without the need to follow instructions to the letter.

We have spread the reminiscence points on two floors, so that the tour would not become too physically taxing. The points are marked out in the exhibition each time a willing group has booked a tour. Testing has demonstrated that the tour works best with a small group.

Illustrative material accompanying the tour is always brought out when needed. For this reason, please book the tour in advance at +358 44 703 7161.

What are memory-related disorders?

Progressive memory disorders such as Alzheimer's cause, in addition to the deterioration of memory and recollection of information, disorders of verbal skills, trouble recognizing people, and loss of dexterity. Suffering from memory disorders affects the life of the patient and his/her loved ones in many ways. Often, this means having to come up with new ways of coping with everyday chores. Memory disorders do not affect only the elderly, since Finland, too, has over 7,000 diagnosed people of working-age.   

Memory disorders do not deprive one's ability to enjoy past life experiences. Reminiscing about the past unites and brings enjoyment to not only the patient but his/her loved ones. Old and already forgotten things may come back to memory. Thinking back about one's past life helps the patient in forming a self-image. To assist the reminiscing, various elements taking advantage of different senses can be employed, such as smells, sounds, and tastes. This is the driving idea behind the "Do You Remember? – the Museum Does" guided tour.

Oulun Seudun Muistiyhdistys ry

Opening Hours:

Mondays closed
TueFri 9 am4 pm
Sat–Sun 10 am–5 pm

The museum shop is closed 10 min. ealier

Tickets: Adults 6 €, Students and Seniors 4 €, Children under 18 years: free of charge

The museum is wheelchair accessible. Entrance is from the side door. Call +358 44 703 7161 for the door to be opened. The museum has bathrooms for the disabled.


Reminiscence tours

Rehabilitation groups can visit the museum free of charge. Caregivers and other accompanying loved ones taking part in the reminiscence tours are also free of admission.

Fee for a
guided tour is 30

Please find instructions for the tour below (pdf). Print out both or or ask copies from the museum's information desk.

Floor plan and the reminiscence points

Instructions for the reminiscence points

(In Finnish)