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Pateniemi Sawmill Museum Pateniemi Sawmill Museum

Pateniemi Sawmill Museum was opened on June 19, 1989, in an old sawmill storage building. It was a donation from the last owner of the sawmill (Veitsiluoto Oy) to the City of Oulu and to the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum.

The museum collections include artefacts and photographs related to the Pateniemi sawmill, for example a desk from the main building and a fire carriage used by the sawmill fire brigade.


History of the Pateniemi Sawmill History of the Pateniemi Sawmill

Commercial counsellor
Johan Gustav Bergbom
– "Oulu's Onassis"

Johan Gustav Bergbom (1818–1893) was perhaps the mightiest of the 19th century businessmen in control of the markets in Northern Finland.

After studying business and economics, J. G. Bergbom started working for his father, a commercial counsellor. In 1850, he was given the right to practise a wholesale and retail business in Oulu. After his father's and brother's death, J. G. Bergbom was alone in charge of the family trading house.

J. G. Bergbom never married, and he left an inheritance remarkable even by modern standards.

Shipowner Bergbom

The Bark Onni. Original oil painting by W. H. Yorke, 1883.
The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum Collections.

In 1865, J. G. Bergbom bought a shipyard in Pateniemi. In between the years 1853 and 1892, the Bergbom trading house owned 25 ships. Most of the ships were also built in Oulu.

A sawmill founded next to the shipyard

The steam-powered Pateniemi sawmill was founded in 1873. In the first decades of its existence, the sawmill employed 30–40 people. As production volumes increased by 1908, a new 6-framed saw replaced the old 2-framed one, only to be soon extended to have 9 frames. As the 1940s ended, the sawmill employed 1000 workers. By the spring of 1990, when the saw was closed, the number of employees had decreased to 150. The sawmill building was left standing until it burned down a few years later.

Office building of the Pateniemi Sawmill.

Pictures: the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum Collections

Sahantie 21, Pateniemi, Oulu

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