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The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum's extensive photographic collection is public. One can order and buy photographs for private use or for publication purposes.

The collection consists of around 500,000 photographs, film negatives, diapositives, and postcards. The photos are categorized to portrait shots, group shots, event photographs, landscape photographs, and architectural photographs. The subject matter is mostly the City of Oulu and its people, but there is also some material on other municipalities.

Building this collection began with the founding of the Museum of Northern Ostrobothnia in 1896. The oldest photograph is a daguerreotype from 1845.

The collection grows through photographs donated by private citizens and communities.

The largest individual collections we currently have:

  • 6,500 portrait shots by various photographers
  • 20,000 film negatives and printed photos from Rantalan kuvaamo photo studio
  • Salme Pääkkölä's collection
  • Photographer Uuno Laukka's collection consisting of around 8,500 film negatives and diapositives
  • Eino Jokinen's collection of around 10,000 printed photos and film negatives


Meeri Rauhala
Tel: +358 44 703 7160

The photographic archive's service hours are
9 am – 3 pm on weekdays

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Preview Uuno Laukka's collection (8309 photos)

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