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School children attending an exhibition unveiling

The City of Oulu's education curriculum has several sections under History and social studies which are in accordance with the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum's basic exhibition.

Guided tours for schools Guided tours for schools

You can book a guided tour for the museum's basic exhibition lasting about an hour. Pricing for school groups is 20 €. Themed guided tours can be booked on the following subjects: prehistory, the Castle of Oulu, and Oulu's history under Sweden's rule.

We can also plan the visit together, so please do not hesitate to be in contact:

Museum educator Arja Keskitalo
Tel: +358 44 703 7159

Handouts for students Handouts for students

We have produced handouts about the museum's basic exhibition. These handouts can be printed out and copied for students.

We have emphasized styles of art and architecture, everyday life, and the items belonging to each topic. As a guiding principle, items and interiors are emphasized over textiles. The questions were designed by MA Sami Heikkinen.

The questions are divided by age groups, but these are only recommendations. We advise teachers to familiarize themselves with the questions beforehand and choose the ones best suited for their group.

Some of the questions cover an entire floor and some are limited to specific sections, themes or time periods. Questions divided by time periods can span every floor. "Treasure hunt" is also a quest that can take students everywhere in the museum.

Students can answer the questions individually or in small groups. Each group can do their share of the questions and then present their answers to the rest of the class. This method enhances learning and the significance of the work students themselves put in. Everything learned can then be analyzed during next class, which further adds to the learning experience.

In addition to questions with straightforward answers, the handouts include hunting for items and identifying them, crosswords, cryptic crosswords, multiple choice questions, word associations, drawing, and presenting and arguing for one's own opinions.

Hope you enjoy the handouts!

(N.B. the material is in Finnish)


Prehistory, hunting and farming
(grades 3–6)
Prehistory, hunting, and farming
Interior design and living
(grades 5–7)
Interior design and living
Tar production in tar kilns
(grades 5–7)
Tar production in tar kilns
Schools, toys, and culture
(grades 5–8)
Schools, toys, and culture
(upper secondary)
Industry and transportation
(upper secondary)
Industry and transportation
Peasant living, handicrafts, and building Peasant living, handicrafts, and building
Guilds and goldsmiths Guilds and goldsmiths

Time Periods Answers
Oulu in the 1600s Oulu in the 1600s
Oulu in the 1700s Oulu in the 1700s
Oulu in the 1800s Oulu in the 1800s
Oulu in the early 1900s Oulu in the early 1900s
Oulu in the late 1900s Oulu in the late 1900s
Treasure Hunt Answers
Treasures of the museum Treasures of the museum
Lapland department, 3rd flr Answers
The Sami people and culture (grades 3–6) The Sami people and culture (grades 3–6)
The Sami people and culture (grades 5–8) The Sami people and culture (grades 5–8)

Other complimentary educational material

"Oulu now and before" study material can be used to compliment history or art studies. The questions are suitable to both comprehensive and upper secondary school levels. They teach the study of built heritage and evaluation and assessment of various environs. In addition, one learns how to review many different sources of information, to compare them, and to form one's own educated opinion based on them. Above all, one learns about the history of Oulu through four centuries.

"Oulu now and before" (pdf)
(In Finnish)

School groups, including their instructors, have free entrance to our museum. Everyone under 18 is free of admission. OAJ (Trade Union of Education in Finland) members can also visit the museum free of charge.

We can receive school groups (booked beforehand) from Tuesday through Friday starting at 9.15 am (during winter opening times).

Tel: +358 50 316 6497
or Päivi Lämsä at paivi.lamsa(at)

N.B. Buses are not able to drive in front of the museum. The nearest parking space for buses is located between Myllytulli school and Holiday Inn hotel.