The Doghill - Pohjois-Pohjanmaan museo - Oulun kaupunki

The Doghill The Doghill

The Doghill exhibition is based on the books written by Finnish author Mauri Kunnas.

You may well be familiar with these excellent books, and if so, you have probably read them more than once. You can find all the characters in their daily work at the museum: Master Pransi, his wife Fiina, their children Kille, Martta, Elsa, Tuomas and Tilta, their servant girls and hired men, not to forget the old beggar Hiski.

You can see how the entire farmyard of Doghill has been revived with its farm works, duties and games. You will also notice how diligently and carefully the scale models have been prepared. The visitor will lose their heart to these cute doggies, kitties, horses and crows. All the tiny objects that you can find here, such as candle lamps, spinning wheels, cheese moulds, and all other utensils and tools of the Doghill have been reconstructed in an astonishingly skillful way.
In this exhibition, the Doghill household shows how people lived their daily life on a farm and how they celebrated special occasions like Christmas in the old days. This world in miniature brings to us everything that belonged to a typical year on a farm: haymaking in the summer, sowing in the autumn, the excitement of the Christmas season with its preparations, like candle making, for instance. We also should not forget the many other daily duties on the farm, nor the horses of the farm, Pekka and Rusko.