Tickets for students

Remember that changes in the age group of the Waltti travel card must be made in Oulu10 Service Point.

Check out the travel card terms and travel terms.


Kela school transport subsidy ticket

Kela school transport subsidy ticket is intended for secondary level students who need to travel more than 10 km to get to school. More detailed conditions and instructions for obtaining a ticket, visit Kela website.

The school transport ticket is a 30-day season ticket that is valid on all public transport routes in Oulu region. The ticket is valid also on routes 48 and 49 in Oulu and Muhos and on route 59 in the Oulu area. Your contribution to the price of the school transport ticket is € 43.

Use the form provided by your school secretary to apply for school transport subsidy. The school will check the information in your application and provide you with a certificate for buying the ticket. The certificate states how many times you are entitled to buy the school transport ticket and the time when you need to make your purchases.

You must buy the first school transport ticket from Oulu10 Service Point. You cannot buy the first school transport ticket at the Waltti online shop. Bring the purchase certificate signed and stamped by your school and an ID (passport, driver's license or ID card, or Kela card, if you are under 18) with you to Oulu10 Service Point. If your guardian or someone else picks up the school transport card, they will also have to include an ID of the person for whom the school travel card is being applied.

You can top up your ticket in Oulu10 Service Point, on buses with cash, in R-kioskis selling Waltti tickets and at the Waltti online shop.

It is not possible to purchase other public transport tickets on the same Waltti travel card in addition to your school transport ticket, even during school holidays. When you finish your studies, visit the Oulu10 Service Point to update your card information, and then you can buy other ticket products onto your card.


Students aged 17-24

If you are a 17-24 year old student, buy a youth 30-day season ticket and / or an adult value ticket for your chosen travel zones. You do not need to present a student certificate or fill in a student ticket application; your ID is enough to buy a ticket. You can also buy the ticket at the Waltti online shop.


Students 25 years or older

If you are a student aged 25 or older and meet the more detailed eligibility criteria, you can buy a 30-day season ticket at youth ticket price. With the ticket, you can travel indefinitely in the travel zones of your choice.

Buy your first season ticket of the school year from Oulu10 Service Point. Bring a carefully completed student ticket application with you. You must prove your eligibility for receiving the discount every year in August / September with a certificate issued by your school (e.g. student card) at the Oulu10 Service Point. When purchasing a season ticket, you must prove your identity (passport, driving license or ID card).

You can top up your ticket in Oulu10 Service Point, at the Waltti online shop, on the buses and in the R-kioskis selling Waltti tickets.

You can buy both a season ticket and an adult value ticket for the same Waltti travel card. If you buy just the value ticket, you do not need a student ticket application and you can order the ticket at the Waltti online shop. If you order your Waltti travel card online, it is always personal.

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