Mobile ticket – forget about coins!

With Waltti Mobiili ticket you can buy public transport single tickets and day tickets easily with your phone (pls see the restrictions below). You can use the same phone to purchase multiple tickets, for example when parent and child are traveling together.

  • Tickets are valid within the the zones chosen during ticket’s purchase.
  • Ticket’s validity starts from the moment of purchase. 
  • The connecting times for single ticket are: one zone 60 minutes, two or three zones 80 minutes, four zones 120 minutes.The ticket contains a QR-code and shows the validity of the ticket. Please make sure your phone does not run out of battery.
  • If the bus is not equipped with QR reader, show the ticket to the driver when you board.
  • Waltti Mobile application allows you to buy public transport tickets in some other cities as well.


The price of the ticket depends on the number of zones in which you wish to travel. 

Single tickets

Between 11pm-4.30am an additional nighttime fare will be charged. 

Zones Adult Child 7-16 yrs.
A-city 1,50 € 1,50 €
A, B, C, D 3,30 € 1,70 €
AB, BC, CD 5,80 € 2,90 €
ABC, BCD 8,30 € 4,20 €
ABCD 10,10 € 5,10 €






Day tickets

Zones Adult Child 7-16 yrs
A, B, C, D 8,00 € 4,00 €
AB, BC, CD 12,50 € 6,25 €
ABC, BCD 18,00 € 9,00 €
ABCD 22,00 € 11,00 €


Install Waltti Mobiili application and add your debit/credit card into it, make sure you have enabled online payments. Available payment methods include Visa, Visa Electron or Mastercard. You do not need to register to buy tickets. When you make your first purchase, choose region ”Oulu”.

If you register to Waltti Mobiili, you can update your personal data and view your payment history.

Restrictions for mobile tickets

Mobile single ticket and mobile day ticket are not valid for route 49 Oulu-Utarjävi, and mobile day ticket is not valid for route 59 Oulu-Hailuoto.

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