Mobile ticket user guide

1. Download the Oulu public transport ticket app from here. You can also download the app from phone's app store using the search string "Oulu bus ticket". The app supports Finnish, Swedish and English.

2. You can register as a user but it's not mandatory. You will need a Finnish phone operator to buy a mobile ticket without registration. Without registering you can buy single tickets and 1 day tickets.

3. Choose your travel ticket. With this app you can purchase adult and children single tickets and days tickets (1-7 days).

4. Choose the zone(s) that you are traveling in. After choosing a ticket you will see more info about the ticket. Choose to purchase the ticket. Please note that the validity of the ticket starts from the moment of purchase. The ticket needs to be purchased before entering the bus.

5. In case you have already chosen a billing option the app asked you to come up with a IQ PIN-code at the registration phase. If you have not chosen a billing option yet, you may do that now. If you have not registered as a user, the payment will automatically be made with a Finnish phone operator's billing. You will receive a receipt of your purchase in the registered email-address. You can check and change registration settings in the setting menu.

6. After you have purchased your ticket you will see a QR-code, ticket description and a running validity clock. Besides the QR-code you also might find a small image like in the example. You may buy more than one ticket at a time, for example an adult traveling with a child. All tickets are shown in the Tickets tab. You must show your mobile ticket to the bus driver when entering the bus.

7. You will find all purchased tickets in the History tab. Valid tickets are shown in green. The bus driver may ask you to show the history tab.

  Download the app