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8.8.2019 - 31.5.2020

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Changes to bus stops in Torikatu

New bus stop Pekuri E (ID-number 3429) set to open on Thursday 8 August will improve public transport services in Oulu. The bust stop is located on Torikatu 22.

At the same time the names of three bus stops in Torikatu will change (ID-numbers remain the same). From on 8 August there are are no longer bus stops called Toripakka.

  • “Kaupungintalo” bus stop is renamed ”Kaupungintalo P”.
  • ”Toripakka E” bus stop is renamed “Kaupungintalo E”.
  • “Toripakka P” bus stop is renamed “Pekuri P”.

The buses will no longer serve both “Pekuri” and “Kaupungintalo” bus stops.

  • Buses 1-17 will serve the Kaupungintalo E and Kaupungintalo P bus stops
  • Buses 20-57 will serve the Pekuri E and Pekuri P bus stops
  • Citybus will serve the Kaupungintalo E bus stop

You can find timetables for all the bus stops and routes on our website: Routes and Timetables. Unfortunately there will be a delay in updating the timetables to the Journey Planner. Here are timetables (pdf) of the Pekuri and Kaupungintalo bus stops:

Map of the bus stops in Torikatu in finnish

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