Traveling alone? Tap to pay with contactless payment!

Oulu buses accept contactless payment. You can use your debit or credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Eurocard) or mobile (Google Pay and Apple Pay) to pay for your fare.

You can use contactless card or device to pay for your own travels only. If you want to pay for someone else's travel, use Waltti Mobile ticket.


You will always pay the lowest possible fare thanks to the cap limits. The daily cap limits allow you to make as many journeys as you like for a fixed price.

Fares are the same for all travellers, age or special group discounted prices do not apply when you use contactless payment. The single ticket is valid for 90 minutes and you can transfer from one bus to another while your ticket is valid.

The daily cap is running from 00.00 to 23.59.

Zone Single fare Daily cap
Lähi = L (previously A-City) 1.20 € 4.20 €
Lähi-A / B / C / D 2.05 € 7.20 €

Lähi-B / B-C / C-D

4.05 € 11.25 €
Lähi-C / B-D 6.25 € 16.20 €
Lähi-D 8.20 19.80 €


This is how the daily cap works

The reader will recognize your payment device and your fare will be automatically capped at the end of the day. For the price of 3-4 single fares you can make unlimited travels during a day! The daily cap is the maximum you will pay.

Example 1: If you take four buses on one zone (4 * 2,05 €) you will reach and even pass the daily cap of one zone, but you will be charged 7.20 € only.

Example 2: If you travel on two zones, three single fares (3 * 4.05 = 12.15) pass the daily cap, but you will be charged 11.25 € only.

Use the same payment device

Make sure you use the same contactless card or mobile wallet to pay for all your travels. Even if your card is added into Google Pay, it will not work together with your physical card. Avoid clash by deciding which payment device (card or mobile) you will use and stick to it, if not, you will not benefit the unlimited travels included into the daily cap.

Travelling from a zone to another

If you have already travelled on a certain zone and want to visit a place outside that zone within the 90 minutes transfer time, the procedure is easy. Since you have paid the single fare for one zone (2.05 €), you will pay only the price difference between one and two zones fares (2 €). At the same time your daily cap will be automatically changed to two zone daily cap.

The zone "Lähi" is included into zone A, thus travelling from zone A to zone "Lähi" will not change the daily cap. However, if you travel from zone "Lähi" to zone A, your daily cap will be changed from 4.20 € to 7.20 €.

You cannot skip zones. If you start your journey in zone D, travel by private vehicle via zone C and B to zone A where you will take the bus again, your daily cap will be changed from one zone daily cap to that of four zones.

Check your travel charges online

You can view your payments online at (available range last 90 days). Sign in with your debit/credit card number. Receipts of payments can be printed online as well. Bus drivers do not give tickets or receipts when travellers use contactless payment.


Contactless payment is valid on all Oulu buses except on line 49 Oulu-Utajärvi.


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