Ticket sales


Single tickets

You can buy single tickets on the bus in cash or as a mobile ticket.  Please bring exact change to pay on the bus.


Day tickets

You can buy day tickets for 1-7 days for all zones and age groups from Oulu10 Service Point or as a mobile ticket.

Tourist Information (Torikatu 18) sells adult 1 and 2-day tickets for Zone A. Nallikari Holiday Village (Leiritie 10) sells adult and child 1, 2 and 7-day tickets.


Value tickets and season tickets on Waltti travel card

You can buy a Waltti travel card and load the value ticket or season ticket either at the Waltti online shop or from Oulu10 Service Point. You can top up the Waltti travel card also on buses in cash or in certain R-kioskis.

Below you can find more information about buying a new Waltti travel card and a value/season ticket, and top-ups of the tickets.


Special Tickets

There are separate instructions for purchasing student tickets. For employee travel tickets, please contact our office tilaukset.joukkoliikenne@ouka.fi or tel. +358 40 485 3161.

Waltti card reader

You can download a free Waltti travel card reader at the Google Play store. The Waltti travel card reader displays the valid periods of your Waltti travel card, the remaining value, your latest value ticket and your most recent trips using your Waltti travel card. With the application, you can send a receipt of your most recent value ticket to your email address.

The app works on phones and tablets with NFC and with Android operating systems. The application can only read Waltti travel cards.

Picture of Waltti card reader app

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