Do you need a one-zone ticket (A-city or A or B or C or D), or are you travelling in two or more zones?


Zone Ticket Options

  • A-city ticket: when you travel only on citybuses
  • A or B or C or D: for single-zone travel, A also includes A-City.
  • AB or BC or CD: when travelling between e.g. Oulu-Haukipudas (AB), Oulunsalo-Kiiminki (AB) or Tyrnävä-Kempele (BC).
  • ABC or BCD: When you travel for example from Oulu to Ylikiiminki (ABC) or Yli-Ii to Haukipudas (BCD).
  • ABCD: From Yli-Ii to Oulu. NB. The season ticket is not valid in Hailuoto.

Picture of zones


Zone Search on the map (google maps)

A more detailed map view of the zones.

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