IEEB - Rakennusvalvonta - Oulun kaupunki


IEEB - Increasing Energy Efficiency in Buildings

IEEB on pohjoismainen yhteistyöhanke, jonka yhtenä osapuolena toimii Oulun rakennusvalvonta. 

Hankkeessa tutkitaan Ritaharjuun rakennettavaa energiakorttelia.

IEEB-hankkeen englanninkieliset sivut.

The purpose of the IEEB project is to create a Nordic network among academia, research, industry and society for developing new solutions and promoting energy efficiency in buildings. Finding new ways to plan and build more energy efficient buildings, contributes towards proactive sustainable development of the environment.

Funded by the EU Interreg 4A Nord programme, the IEEB project develops new competence and expertise in measurements and methods for advanced design of energy efficient buildings, picks up and documents the best practices and recommendations based on real-life information, and finally, transfers all the accumulated knowledge to building professionals and industry representatives, local building authorities and citizens, educators, equipment manufacturers and system providers.