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The city planning of the Ritaportti commercial centre was started with the City Council’s decision in 2006.

The planning area is located ca. 8 kilometres north from the city centre in the district of Herukka and Pateniemi, between the Oulu - Kemi railroad and the main road Valtatie 4 / E75.

The commercial centre will consist of ca. 100 000 sqm gross floor area of commercial space, including two hypermarkets, a hardware store, a service station and a shopping centre.

City of Oulu, Urban and Environmental Services, Department of City Planning
Mail address: P.O.B. 32, 90015 City of Oulu, Finland
E-mail: firstname.lastname@ouka.fi

Leena Kallioniemi, city planning architect, Project Manager
Tel: +358 44 703 2425

Jere Klami, city planning architect
Tel: +358 44 703 2412