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Home-school Cooperation


The Internet based Wilma system is used in grades 7-9. The system helps the parent (or the custodian) to monitor the daily school attendance of the pupil. It is also possible to send messages to teachers and to check exam dates and results.

Every parent or custodian can get a personal username and a password from the home room teacher of the pupil. The system is easy to use and no special IT skills are needed. Our school highly recommends the use of the system. You will find Wilma on where you just log in. The operating language can also be changed into English.



Teacher-parent meetings in grades 1-6

Parents have a possibility to meet the class teacher in special parents' evenings organized mainly during September and October.  The class teacher invites parents and pupil to development meeting every autumn. The topics of the discussion include setting goals for and evaluation of academic progress, learning and working skills as well as any questions related to the student’s learning and the developmental phase. The assessment discussions are held in January for grades 1-5. The subject assessment is marked in Wilma as "a". The tern report is given to sixth graders at the end of each term. 

Teacher-Parent meetings in grades 7-9

In the beginning of the school year the parents of the 7th graders are invited to school to get more detailed information about the school and the personnel. The parents will also have a chance to meet the homeroom teachers and get to know the Wilma system. The representatives for the Parents' council are also elected during the evening.

Parents have the right to have an assessment discussion regarding the advancement of the pupil with the homeroom teacher twice a year. In autumn term these discussions are mainly arranged during October. The presence of the pupil is highly recommended.

Parents are also invited to autumn and spring term end festivities and on occasion to other events as well.



Pupils get books for their personal use for the school year. In spring the books are collected back and they will be reused the following school year. This principle does not apply to exercise books or the first Finnish book (Aapinen). The pupil is responsible for the material for the whole school year. We recommend that the books are covered with a plastic film in order to protect them from damages. If a book gets lost or is damaged, the parent (or the custodian) must get a new one to replace it.



At the end of the school year there are always lots of things (mainly pieces of clothing) that have not found their owner. We recommend that parents put name labels on pupils' clothing and other belongings.



The parents' council plays an important role as a planner of the cooperation between the school and homes. This is how the parents can influence school affairs with their own action. The meetings are held approximately once a month. The atmosphere of the council has been open and inspiring and people have come up with many new ideas that have made a difference in everyday school life. The representatives will be elected among the parents in parents' evenings.