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A KiVa School

KiVa is a research-based anti-bullying program that has been developed in the University of Turku with funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. 

The indicated actions take place when bullying has come to the attention of school personnel. Each particular case is handled in a series of individual and group discussions between the KiVa team of the school and the pupils involved.

Digital Schools of Europe

Digital Schools of Europe is an project of eight European countries focusing on learning environments digitalization and technological development.

The participants are Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Finlan is represented by Majakka - the developer schools of Oulu. The project is coordinated by mrs Päivi Mäki the Quality Manager at Education and Culture Services at the City of Oulu.

With this project schools make a three-year target program of digitization.
The program has four components:

  • The management of digitalisation
  • Wireless network and equipment, as well as electronic learning materials
  • Teachers' skills
  • Pupils' learning

The aim of cooperation is to improve the students' readiness to operate as digital citizens and to create a united quality system of digitalisation.
The first project meetings were held in Dublin 14 - 10.18.2015 and Oulu 26.-11.28.2015.