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Student Councils


Every pupil is a member of the pupil council. The board of the council starts its work every autumn after the 7th graders have elected their board members. The board consists of two representatives from each class. These representatives will work actively for the comfort and welfare of all the pupils and the school in general. The board members choose a chairman and a secretary for the board. These posts are traditionally held by the 9th graders.

The board organizes various events during the school year. The design competition for the school shirt can be mentioned as one example. The board has also successfully launched campaigns for more positive school atmosphere and it runs a school kiosk.



There is a group of pupils who act as peer counsellors. They have taken a course dealing with that kind of work. Peer counselling means a confidential co-operation between a pupil and a peer counsellor. Peer counselling is a way to prevent bullying, help and support pupils with their problems and affect the school atmosphere in a positive and tolerant way.

Peer counsellors organize for example the welcome party for the new 7th graders and other events. These events are often arranged together with the pupil council and the school staff.

Every school year a group of volunteer 7th graders take a peer counsellor course.