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Kaakkuri healthcare center in the City Of Oulu was established January 7th 2008. In addition to the normal services of healthcare center, Kaakkuri Technology Healthcare Center Oulu offered product testing and analyzing services to companies and research institutes. 

Tested by Social and Healthcare Professionals and Citizens
In Oulu CityLab personnel of welfare services participate in technology development with controlled testing process in real social and healthcare environment.

Personnel have an essential part as an operator, tester and estimator. Service supports user-friendliness of welfare technology products.

Test your product´s functionality

Products' functionality in real social and healthcare environment can be significantly improved by product testing. Professionals' evaluation of products usability and required properties results valuable feedback to the product developers.

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Oulu CityLab

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"Product testing service manages assignments considering customers´ needs from beginning
to end. As result, customer has more time for marketing and to product development."