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Good Beginning in Northern Ostrobothnia Good Beginning in Northern Ostrobothnia

Good beginning in Northern Ostrobothnia is a joint project between the municipalities of Oulu and Pudasjärvi. The project aims to develop:

1) a model of tailored integration package for immigrants in Oulu

2) a model of remote guidance integration services in various languages for the region of Northern Ostrobothnia

3) sharing of expertise on immigration issues in Northern Ostrobothnia
The project main target group is immigrants, who do not benefit from official integration services, such as stay-at-home mothers, retired and disabled persons as well as students and working immigrants.
Welcome to Oulu -course
What we offer?
The Welcome to Oulu course is designed to equip newcomers to Oulu to begin life in their new chosen hometown. The course offers Finnish language and information about Finnish society, public services, and way of life. The course will be offered in different languages as per need and availability. You are eligible to apply for the course if you
- have a residence permit to Finland or are a citizen of an EU- or ETA-country
- are not already attending an integration course offered by the employment office.
From August 2016 onwards. Courses will last four weeks and lessons are organized from Monday to Friday, 9.00–14.00.
For parents of small children, employed persons and student targeted courses will be held at a different time. 
You learn some basic Finnish. You receive information about Finland, Oulu and free time activities. You meet new friends and can share your experiences with others.
How to apply for the course? 
The courses will run round the clock but the deadline for applying for the first course is 30.6.2016.
or print the form from the link below (Word)
You can get the application form also from Multicultural center Villa Victor (Torikatu 23, 3rd floor).

Drop the application form at Villa Victor or send it by email to the project coordinator Markus Lepinoja. If you need help filling out the application, please contact Villa Victor's multilingual orientation services. 

Mirja Syrjälä
project manager
p. 040 183 4382 mirja.syrjala(at)

Markus Lepinoja
project coordinator
p. 050 369 6147 markus.lepinoja(at)

Marguerite Guibert
project coordinator
p. 050 463 8103 marguerite.guibert(at)

Jani Paananen
part time project coordinator, service counselor
p. 050 301 7277 jani.paananen(at)

Henri Huumonen
part time project coordinator, coordinator of multicultural work
p. 044 703 1674 henri.huumonen(at)