Good Beginning in Northern Ostrobothnia

Good Beginning in Northern Ostrobothnia is a joint project between the municipalities of Oulu and Pudasjärvi. The project helps immigrants to integrate better to Northern Ostrobothnia and it develops:

1) a model of tailored integration package for immigrants in Oulu
The project gives guidance, counseling and information for newcomers in Oulu. In practice this is carried out through Welcome to Oulu courses which are organised continuously and with different languages. Also project workers provide individual guidance.

2) a model of remote guidance integration services in various languages for the region of Northern Ostrobothnia and the whole Finland
Multilingual information service Info-Lango offers guidance in 12 different languages. The remote guidance is provided via phone call, video call or different applications.

3) expertise on immigration issues in Northern Ostrobothnia
Knowledge, good practices and experiences are shared with the municipalities of Northern Ostrobothnia.
The project's main target group is immigrants, who do not benefit from official integration services, such as stay-at-home mothers, retired and disabled persons as well as students and working immigrants. However, all immigrants are warmly welcome use and develop our services!

Mirja Syrjälä
project manager
+358 (0)40 183 4382

Markus Lepinoja
project coordinator
+358 (0)50 369 6147

Jaklin Slewa
project coordinator
+358 (0)40 352 9690

Marguerite Guibert
project coordinator
+358 (0)50 463 8103