General information on Oulu and Finland in many languages:  [TOP]

Info Bank The Info Bank provides important information to immigrants on Finnish society and various opportunities in Finland in 15 languages.  The information about the city of Oulu can be found in 7 languages.  Permits and documents related to immigration, emigration, citizenship and living in Finland. 

For immigrants to Finland:  [TOP]

Finnish Immigration Service Details of the principles and practices governing immigration in Finland, and of citizenship and residence permits in Finland.

Register office- Maistraatti


Kela- The Social Insurance Institution of Finland

Northern Ostrobothnia Local Tax Office


Housing (Infopankki)

Working and studying   [TOP]

Työ- ja Elinkeinotoimisto (Employment and Economic Development Office) This site provides information for employees who hire immigrants, for people moving to Finland to work, and for foreigners living in Finland. It also provides information on the services of the Employment and Economic Development Office, job vacancies, unemployment, training and employment contracts in general.

Työlinja Information on the services of the Employment and Economic Development Office, and instructions for applying for work in Finland.

CareerjetA search engine specialized in finding available jobs

Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Oulu Vocational College

Oulu High School for Adults

PSK – Adult Education Centre

University of Oulu

The Oulu unit of the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

Northern Ostrobothnia summer university

Search Engine for Most Affordable Accredited Colleges & Universities in USA

Public transport   [TOP]

Traffic in Oulu (Infopankki)

Culture and leisure   [TOP]

Culture and leisure in Oulu (Infopankki)

Oulun Kärpät

Media   [TOP]

Kaleva newspaper of Oulu

Helsinki Times

Associations, organisations, and friendship societies    [TOP]

Northern Finland Somalian support association ry

Multicultural education and cultural development association

Northern Finland Thai Friendship Assocation ry

Learn Thai language ry

Friendship House/Oulun seudun Setlementti ry  Friendship House organises clubs, courses, festivities, events, and trips for immigrants.

Community participation  Information on the work of community centres, regional events, and opportunities and methods for interaction.

The Tyttöjen Talo activity centre for young girls

The Finnish Red Cross

Union of Rural Education and Culture

Kumppanuuskeskus (partnership centre)

Northern Ostrobothnia Martha Organization

Oulu Deaconess Institute

The Hyvänmielentalo   Mental health association

Oulu YWCA Everyone is welcome to meet other women and learn about various cultures. nnky.oulu(at)

Suomi-Venäjä-seura - (The Finland-Russia society)

Oulu Excursion Club                                       
Register to join the mailing list and receive details of excursions.

Religion   [TOP]

Religions in Finland (Ministry of Finance)

Evangelical Lutheran parishes          

The Catholic Church in Oulu

The Orthodox Church in Oulu  Torikatu 74, tel. +358 8 311 5741.  

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints
Nokelantie 38, tel. +358 335 714, Representatives of the church, Tel. +358 40 779 2499.

Jehova's Witnesses

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Oulu

The Finnish Bahá'í community

The Oulu Pentecostal congregation

Oulun Rauhanyhdistys

Oulu Evangelical Free Church

Other useful links:     [TOP]

Forms  Forms required by central and local government  (Ministry of Finance)

Refugee Advice Centre Provides legal help and guidance for asylum seekers, refugees, and other foreigners in Finland.

Ministry of the Interior

Brochures in many languages  Basic information on family life, housing, equality, raising children, education, working life, recycling and respecting the environment, and other topics.

Ombudsman for Minorities Promotes the status, equality and rights of ethnic minorities and foreigners and good ethnic relations in Finland.

Embassy World List and search engine for the embassies and consulates of all countries in Finland. Distributes information on living, working, studying, and travelling in Finland.

Victim Support Finland

Environmental guide for immigrants

RASMUS A national network of organisations and stakeholders promoting multiculturalism and human rights, and working to combat racism and xenophobia. The Finnish League for Human Rights serves as coordinator and secretariat of the network.

The Rasmus-naiset Group for women

Kajaani multicultural learning

Finnish Refugee Council Practical videos on living in high-rise buildings and household management.

Finnish Youth Co-Operation - Allianssi

Monimos - The multicultural voice of Finland

Citizens' Houses Contact information page is in Finnish but you can find an English summary on the page concerning basic information about citizens' houses. A citizens' house is "a common living room" and is open to everyone. It doesn't matter where you live. At a citizens' house, you can enjoy an affordable lunch, have a cup of coffee, read newspapers, acquire a new hobby, or have a chat with others. You can also use the computers provided free-of-charge.