Welcome to Oulu!

Welcome to Oulu course is usually a four week entity designed to equip newcomers in Oulu to begin life in their new hometown. The course offers the basics of Finnish language and information about Finnish society, public services, and way of life. The course is offered in different languages as per need and availability. The schedule and lenght of the course can also be modified. Apply for the course online or download the form and drop it at Villa Victor's info. We will contact you when the next suitable course is starting.


Personal guidance is a discussion with a professional about your situation as a whole and figuring out together what to do next. You can make a plan for your next steps in Oulu and Finland including for example Finnish language studies, getting familiar with life in Oulu, finding interesting freetime activities and developing your own competence. Book a time for the counseling online, at Villa Victor's info or by contacting Markus Lepinoja (markus.lepinoja(at)ouka.fi, 0403529690). If needed, interpreter or multilingual adviser can be present.


At Get Familiar with Oulu classes you get useful information that helps you to settle down in Oulu. During the lessons you learn and discuss about Finnish society and life in Oulu. You will meet new people and get tips for your daily life. If requested, the infos can also include visits to different places, experts visiting the class and the contents can be modified to fit the needs of the participants.


If you need help with filling in the application, please contact Villa Victor's multilingual assistance. You can also apply for any project activities at Multicultural Centre Villa Victor (Torikatu 23, 3rd floor).

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