Youth Centers

Youth centers located in different parts of the city offer guided activities mainly for 7-17 year-olds.

In the youth center, children and young people can enjoy activities and meet their peers in a safe environment. The centers organise various clubs, courses, camps, excursions and events.

Some youth centers also have game and band rehearsal rooms. In addition, the city has its own studio and camp center.

Youth centers can also be rented. Staff contact information and the youth center's own social media channels can be found on each youth center's home page.

Youth centers' websites are listed on the Nuorten Oulu website.

More information about the game and band rehearsal rooms on the Nuorten Oulu website (under "Hobby rooms").

More information about the Koppana camp center on the Nuorten Oulu website (under "The Koppana camp center").

Youth centers in Oulu by area

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