Accessibility Statement

The city of Oulu’s Website’s Accessibility Statement 

The statement was compiled on 19.9.2023. Updated on 1.11.2023. 

The accessibility statement applies to the city of Oulu’s web service All legislation on the offering of digital services that obligates the web service to be accessible applies to this service. 

The accessibility of this service has been reviewed by an external expert organization, Newelo Oy.

We continue to improve accessibility 

The goal of the city of Oulu is to make the use of its web services effortless to as many users as possible. Accessibility is considered the development of all the city’s digital services. 

We offer support to users for whom the web service is not accessible 

The city of Oulu’s concentrated customer service offers service counseling through multiple channels. You may contact them by calling, via e-mail, with the chat function, through our social media channels or you can visit our customer service point. You will be offered service counseling and help and support in the use of the web services if needed. See customer service contact information here.

Did you find a flaw in accessibility on our website? 

Please tell us. We will do our best to fix it. 

Supervision Authority 

If you find any flaws in accessibility on our website, please send feedback to the site’s administrator. It could take 14 days for them to respond. 

If you are unsatisfied with the response or you receive no response in two weeks, please file a complaint to Southern Finland's Regional State Administrative Agency. The Regional State Administrative Agency’s website will offer you instructions on how to file the complaint and how it is processed.  

Supervision Authority’s contact information 

Southern Finland’s Regional State Administrative Agency 
Accessibility Supervision Unit 

The State of Accessibility of our digital service 

The accessibility requirements are met partially. 

Non-accessible content 

The website meets most of the accessibility requirements. 

The most significant issues are listed below. The development of services is currently underway, and the most significant issues are attempted to be fixed during the development work. 

Non-accessible content and the WCAG 2.1 requirement that is not met can be found on the Finnish side of this webpage. 

The accessibility requirements do not apply to all content 

The city of Oulu’s website contains videos that do not offer captions or audio description. According to legislation, video content published before 23.9.2020 is not required to be made accessible retrospectively or removed from the website (WCAG 1.2.2., WCAG 1.2.5.). 

The website includes maps that are not entirely accessible to all users. Legislation does not oblige all map content to be accessible, but all significant guiding content must be presented as text. 

The website contains archived content - pages and documents -that might not meet all accessibility requirements. Legislation does not oblige content archived before 23.9.2019 to meet accessibility requirements.  

The website is updated continuously 

The first version of the city of Oulu’s website was published in 1994.  

The current version of the website was published in November 2023.