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The City of Oulu is officially UNICEF's Child-Friendly City. UNICEF Finland has granted the City of Oulu two Child-Friendly City recognitions, in December 2017 and February 2020. The latest recognition is valid for four years. 

Oulu has been part of the UNICEF's Child-Friendly City operation model since 2016. The Child-Friendly City operation model is used in all city service branches and administration. Children and young people have an important role in the development work. 

UNICEF's Child-Friendly City operation model 

UNICEF's Child-Friendly Municipality operation model is based on the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child and its four basic principles: 1) non-discrimination and equality 2) best interest of the child as a priority 3) the inherent right to life and development and 4) respect for the views of the child.

The operation model helps municipalities make right decisions concerning children's well-being and children's rights, both in children's everyday services and in municipal administration. 

A Child-Friendly City's aim is that: 

  • Children are equal municipal residents. They are ensured equal opportunities to participate. 
  • Children can plan, evaluate and develop municipal services.
  • Children and adults receive information on children's rights. Children and young people are encouraged to act in the civic society and feel themselves valued members of society.
  • The municipality promotes children's rights in its decision making, administration and services.
  • Children’s knowledge on their own everyday life and evaluating child impact is utilized in the municipality's decision making and in developing the municipality. 
  • Any measures concerning children are visible in the city economy.

Read more about UNICEF's Child-Friendly Cities model in Finland by clicking this link (in Finnish).

The action model is based on the international Child Friendly Cities Initiative model which reaches over 60 countries. Read more about the international model by clicking this link.

Child-Friendly Cities Initiative

Learn more about UNICEF's Child-Friendly Cities Initiative.

Oulu's Objectives and Action Plan 2020-2023

What Action Plan?

1. The Inherent Right to Life and Development

2. Best Interest of the Child

3. Participation

4. Equality

5. Children's Rights in Municipal Structures

6. Implementation of UNICEF's Child-Friendly City Model in the Municipality

Child Friendly Oulu

Operation Model Process Steps

Operation Model Process Steps