City Council

The City Council of Oulu is elected in a local election arranged every four years. During the 2021-2025 period, the Oulu City Council has 67 board members, with Mr. Jarmo Husso (National Coalition Party) acting as chairman.

The City Council is the highest decision-making organ of the city. The council guides the development of the city in a concrete manner by wielding economic power. The council makes decisions concerning the basis of economy and financing: tax rate, the basis of payments in general, borrowings and guarantees. The council also sets qualitative and operative objectives for the various administrative sectors.

The council makes decisions concerning the structure of municipal administration: municipal committees, offices and institutions and the way they share their mutual authorities. The council appoints elected officials and major municipal officeholders. The council follows the management and results of City matters through the closed accounts, annual report and auditor's report.

The meetings of the council are public. The agendas of the meetings and the minutes of the decisions of the City Council are available on the Internet (in Finnish).

The city council meeting in 2020. Photo by Sanna Krook.