Cooperation Between Home and School

Diverse cooperation between the home and the school supports the child's growth and learning.

In primary school the classroom teacher and in lower secondary school the homeroom teacher have a performance evaluation meeting with the pupil. A guardian can also participate in the meeting. 

In the 1st grade and the 7th grade, the pupil and the guardian are offered the opportunity to have a Lapset puheeksi discussion meeting. If the performance evaluation is conducted in this method, no separate evaluation meeting is held.

Guardian is involved in assessment discussion

In Oulu, the mid-term evaluation is conducted as an evaluation discussion in grades 1–4. No separate intermediate certificate is granted.

The assessment discussion highlights the pupil's strengths in an encouraging environment. The discussion aims to help the pupil perceive and understand: what the pupil is meant to learn, what they have learned and how they can promote their own learning and improve their performance. The content of the evaluation discussion is written in the pupil's individual learning plan or the plan on arranging individual teaching (HOJKS) via Wilma system.

The guardian is involved in the assessment discussion. The discussions provide guardians with the necessary information in order to support the child's schoolwork at home. The discussions also provide teachers with more knowledge on their pupils.

Schools have a parents' associations - a home-school committee - through which parents can participate in school activities. In addition, there is a regional parents' association kOuluvanhemmat. It supports schools' parents' associations and operates between schools and the national parents' association Vanhempainliitto.

Read more about the collaboration between schools and home on the schools' individual websites.