Daycare Customer Fees

A monthly fee is charged of early childhood education and care. The amount of the fee depends on the size of your family, your gross income, and service need. 

The highest client fee is €295 month and the lowest €28 month.  The fee for a second child does not exceed 40 % of the first child's fee; it is a maximum of €118. The fee for other children is 20 % of the fee for the youngest child in the family.

As of 1st of  August 2024, the highest fee for municipal early childhood education and care is €311 month (the youngest child in the family). The fee charged for the second child is a maximum of 40% of the fee for the youngest child, i.e. a maximum of €124 month. The fee for subsequent children is 20% of the fee for the youngest child. The lowest early childhood education fee is €30 month.

The amount of the fee in private daycare depends on the daycare centre and the service voucher. If the private daycare charges exceed the service voucher, the family will pay the rest.

The client fees team

The client fees team provides information on early childhood education fees and the income affecting them, the submission of income statements, and matters related to municipal early childhood education payment decisions and private early childhood education service voucher decisions.

  • On-call phone service Tue-Thu 9.00–12.00 tel. 08 558 45300 - choose number 2
  • Visiting address: Early childhood education and care service team, Oulu 10 (Torikatu 10), 90100 Oulu
  • Postal address: P.O box 17, 90015 Oulun kaupunki
  • E-mail:

Do you have questions about client fees?

Please contact our customer payment unit

  • Visiting address: Customer Payments team, Oulu 10 (Torikatu 10) 90100 Oulu 
  • On-call phone service Tue-Thu 9.00–12.00 tel. 08 558 45300 - choose number 2
  • Postal address: P.O. box 75 90015 Oulun kaupunki
  • e-mail  

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