Event Services

Oulu is a vibrant event city that attracts you all year round. In addition to the large arenas, events are brought to the sauna benches, swimming hole in the ice and even to the homes of Oulu residents.

Oulu is a perfect place for concerts of various sizes, sports events, theatre and dance performances, circus numbers, art exhibitions and conferences of any specialty.

Specialists from the City of Oulu Event Services advise and assist you in applying for conferences and professional and sports events to Oulu. The Event Services also assist you in finding suitable collaboration partners from the city organisation and local service providers.

The City of Oulu Event Services is actively boosting the event industry and the impact of events by various development projects. The Event Services prioritises responsibility and sustainable development in its activities.

Welcome to organise an event in Oulu!   

Oulu Event Services’ specialists will guide you free-of-charge in various fields of event production, such as mapping venues, applying permits and announcements, finding local subcontracting services, utilizing marketing and communication channels, and other issues related to the specifics of the area.

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