Funding for Organization-led Preventive Action

Funding for preventive action can be applied for by registered health care and social services organizations and associations as well as sports and culture organizations and residents’ associations for example. The organizations can also apply for funding together for implementation of collaborative activities. The funding can be applied for activities withing the Oulu region. 

The preventive action funding is meant for organization-led activities targeting families with small children and babies, children of daycare age, primary school age and their families, as well as families and children in transition phase from primary to middle school. Funding for activities targeting youth is allocated only after special consideration.  

The funded organization-led activities must: 

  • Low-stakes activity that promotes well-being and the region’s families’ needs (no competitive or sports coaching activities) 

  • Open for everyone and free of charge 

  • Activities that reinforce the realization of basic services and supports their operation plans 

Evaluation and monitoring of effectiveness of funded activities 

The effectiveness of the allocation of the preventive action funding in the year 2023 is monitored and evaluated with reports of funded activities once a year. Additionally, the parties that received the funding are invited by the funding body to gather for a peer-to-peer evaluation meeting once a year. These meetings are arranged as a part of the life cycle network for children, youth and families with children’s meetings.  

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