Hiukkavaara Community Centre Daycare Centre Taikapolku

Facade photo of the daycare centre

Hiukkavaara community centre daycare centre Taikapolku

Hiukkavaara daycare centre Taikapolku operates in a community centre in the Hiukkavaara district. In addition to the kindergarten, the building houses a comprehensive school, youth centre Hiukkis and a library.


Tahtimarssi 3
90670 OULU
Oulu, Finland


Director Susanna Haapalainen, susanna.haapalainen@ouka.fi
044 4993 374
Deputy director Minna Raesalmi, minna.raesalmi@ouka.fi
040 4808 826
Special Education Teacher in Early Childhood Education Nina Ollikainen, nina.ollikainen@ouka.fi
050 3886 903


Preschool education

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