Kuukkeli daycare centre

Facade photo of the daycare centre

Kuukkeli daycare centre

The daycare centre is located in Kiviharju, Kaakkuri.


Hippiäiskuja 3
90420 OULU
Oulu, Finland


Director Anu Hamari, anu.hamari@ouka.fi
044 7035 535
Deputy director Sarianne Karjalainen, sarianne.karjalainen@ouka.fi
044 7035 548
Special Education Teacher in Early Childhood Education Oili Kauppi-Pasma, oili.kauppi-pasma@ouka.fi
050 5914 726

Opening hours

Extended opening hours groups open by reservation from 5.30 am to 10.30 pm (all days of the week).
Monday - Sunday
5.30 - 22.30


Preschool education

Our daycare centre

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