Basic Art Education

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Basic Art Education Briefly

Basic art education is art education offered in local art education institutions on free-time that offers children and young people systematic and long-term art education. The education follows the national curriculum that is followed in schools by professionals. Education is offered widely throughout Finland and education is offered in nine forms of art according to the institutions. Basic art education is open to everyone, accessible and has a low threshold of entry. 

Actual art education can start when the child is school age but children even younger than that can participate in different art subjects gently in presentative and leading early childhood multi-art groups. Even though basic art education is primarily targeted for children and young people, the interest in studying art is growing in adults as well. Many educational institutions offer art education for adults. 

Nationally Unique Art Education – not a club 

Basic art education offered in Finland is nationally very unique. During the decades, basic art education has become respected and established part of the Finnish school system that is led by the Finnish National Agency for Education’s legislation and decrees. 

Because the qualifications of art teachers and principals are defined very specifically and to a high level, the basic art education deviates from traditional hobby or club activities significantly. Basic art education opens a path for the participating child or young person to a life-long relationship with the art world, self-understanding and path of growth. 

Children and Young People as a part of Healthy Oulu 

The basic art education offered by Oulu Art School has a significant role in children’s and young people’s well-being. Oulu Art School, the city of Oulu’s educational institution offering basic art education, offers inexpensive and high-quality opportunities for art hobbies that support children’s and young people’s growth and development. 

Investment in art education has a significant role in the city of Oulu’s Child-friendly Municipality operations model that highlights hobby opportunities and the importance of culture in children’s well-being and rights. Basic art education’s and Oulu Art School’s role is not limited to art education, but they are a part of a larger entirety that contributes to children’s status, participation and regional well-being. 

Basic Art Education Statistics

Institutions and 1225 branch offices
128 000
Students (more than upper secondary school students)
Municipalities offering basic art education (about 86 % of Finland’s municipalities)
Different forms of art (architecture, visual arts, handicrafts, media arts, music, literary art, circus, dance and theatre)
15 000
Events per year (performances, concerts, exhibitions and events are part of the curriculum)