Music as a hobby in Oulu Conservatory

Music as a hobby in Oulu Conservatory

At the Oulu Conservatory, you can study music in a great group according to your own goals. You can study either rhythm music or classical music.

Who is it for?

You don't need to have any previous music studies because you can start from scratch. Of course, you can also continue studies you've started elsewhere. Music as a hobby is suitable for all children and young people who want to learn to play an instrument or sing. We follow the comprehensive curriculum of arts education.

We offer:

  • A high-quality musical study path with friendly, trained teachers
  • Dozens of different instrument options
  • Ensemble music, orchestras, bands
  • Music theory
  • Performance opportunities, projects
  • The opportunity to rent an instrument inexpensively (depending on the instrument)
  • Early childhood music education for children aged 0-6


The teaching facilities are located at the Oulu Music Centre (Leevi Madetojan katu 1-3), Kotkantie (Kotkantie 1), and the Oulunsalo House (Mäntypellonpolku 10).

How much does it cost?

A 30-minute primary instrument lesson costs 180 euros per semester, a 45-minute lesson costs 270 euros (prices as of 2023). The price includes ensemble music (orchestras, chamber music, bands), music theory, and other study offerings.

How to apply?

The application period begins in March. Student selection is organized in May. The application period for early childhood music education is in April. You can find the application links here.

Here you can explore the conservatory's instrument selection.

Studies are divided into basic studies and advanced studies.

The purpose of basic studies is to inspire students to pursue music education with purpose and to develop their musical skills in the long term. The starting point for studies is the student's strengths and interests. By offering opportunities for diverse musical activities, basic music studies develop students' musical and creative thinking. Students learn skills needed for music performance and ensemble playing.

In basic studies, students learn to read, write, listen to, and understand music. They develop their musical expression and performance skills. After basic studies, students can continue either with advanced studies or apply for professional music studies.

In advanced music studies, students expand or emphasize their studies according to the offerings of the Oulu Conservatory. During the studies, students plan and prepare a comprehensive curriculum final project demonstrating their musical skills, which can consist of various components or focus on a specific area of expertise. Students set the goals for the final project and decide on its implementation method in collaboration with their teachers, and the entire study plan is documented in Wilma.

It is possible to participate in certain group subjects (e.g., orchestras and music theory) as an external student of the conservatory. More information is available from the study office.