Rental Housing

Outside a housing complex

Apply for rental apartments by filling in the application form of the owner of the rented property. You can find property owners from the links at the bottom of this website. The largest landlord in Oulu is Sivakka Oy.  

State-financed rental apartments’ (ARA-apartments) resident selection is based on the applicants’ housing need, wealth and income evaluation. ARA-apartments are prioritized for the homeless and other people in urgent need of housing, the impoverished and people with low-income.  

Owners of rented apartments also offer non-subsidized rental apartments that do not include income or wealth restrictions.  

Wealth restrictions for ARA-apartments in Oulu: 

Number of personsWealth / €
130 000
245 000
360 000
470 000
580 000

The applicant household’s calculated debt is reduced from the wealth. 

Apartments for special groups in Oulu

  • Housing for the elderly 

  • Housing for people with mental health problems 

  • Housing for people with substance abuse problems 

  • Housing for the disabled

Further information from Pohde's website (in Finnish)

Supervision of resident selection