Timosenkoski Nature School

- the northernmost nature school in Finland

The main target of the nature school education is to familiarise the educated and the educators with natural phenomena and to increase school activities in nature. Furthermore, an important goal is to awake environmental sensitivity and interest in nature and to promote responsible lifestyle.

Timosenkoski Nature School has been a learning centre for teaching environmental education and biology for more than twenty years. The school offers days full of experiences in nature for pupils in the lower level of comprehensive school. The programs in the nature school are planned to support the communal curriculum.

The youngest pupils act in nature led by fairy tale and play. They observe nature with their senses and adventure in the neighbouring forest in all seasons. When doing this, they get to know plants and animals in the area. The older pupils make small scientific experiments in the forest, on the swamp and by the ditches.

Timosenkoski Nature School is situated about half a kilometre from Hönttämäki School, and the schools have the same headmaster.  Every year some 5000 pupils of Oulu visit the nature school.