Youth Service Grants and NERO Activity Grant

Support and grants for youth organizations

The city supports the activities of youth organizations in Oulu in many different ways. As a rule, youth organisations are not charged for the use of youth center facilities. The Education Board awards grants to youth organizations and groups. The services of the rental equipment warehouse located at the Workshop Center are generally free of charge for youth organizations.

Youth work and policy are among the tasks of the municipality (Section 8 of the Youth Act). Municipalities, youth associations and other organizations that do youth work are responsible for implementing youth work. One of the tasks of municipal youth work is to support youth associations and youth groups.

Annual grant and Project grant

An annual grant is awarded for supporting the general activities of youth associations, training and course activities, camp activities, international activities and hiring employees. You can apply for an annual grant every year in January.

A project grant can be applied for throughout the year. A project grant is awarded for the organization of an event at a certain time, testing new forms of work and for other activities carried out and organized by young people, which support young people's own participation.

As a rule, project grants are awarded for the youth activities of the youth associations and youth groups that do not receive an annual grant.

Activity grant for young people

NERO for young people is an youth activity grant intended for the organization of projects and various events for young people from Oulu. The goal is to start new youth activities, which otherwise might not be organized.

The application for NERO activity grant is open throughout the year. 

Read more about NERO activity grant and application on the Nuorten Oulu website (under NERO for young people).

More information about Youth Service grants

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