A picture of a Baana cycle lane

A great cycling network that engulfs the entire city and cyclists who are not afraid of wind or cold have both received national and international attention. Efficient maintenance of cycle lanes ensures that cycling and walking are always a noteworthy option for most trips – even in the winters. 

The Baana cycle lanes are wide roads paved with red concrete that lead from the city centre to the north, east and south. The goal of the Baana Cycle Network Plan is to build a Baana network that extends as far as 75 kilometers by the year 2030. Currently, a total of 14 km of Baana cycle lanes have been finished. You can see the detailed Baana Cycle Network Plan in the service.

Driving motorcycles on cycle lanes is prohibited by rule. Routes on which it is allowed to drive motorcycles are indicated with traffic signs. 

930 km
of cycle lanes
14 km
of Baana cycle lanes

Winter Maintenance 

Oulu’s cycle lane network is kept in a usable condition throughout the year. Winter maintenance of cycle lanes is divided into three maintenance classes: I, II and Super.

The cycle lanes that are maintained according to class Super are kept in great condition for 24 hours every day. 165 km of cycle lanes located in the regions of Oulu and Kempele are included in class Super. 

Real-time maintenance information: