Private Family Day Carers and Prices

The city of Oulu supports families that use private family day carers with service vouchers. The maximum value of the service voucher since 1.8.2023 is 874€ a month. The value of the service voucher is determined by family size and income. 

The deductible, or the client fee, is the same as in municipal early childhood care, 0-295€ a month, as well as a possible additional fee collected by the family day carer. The amount of the additional fee might be larger if the daycare place price is higher than the value of the service voucher. The family day carer will charge the family for the deductible. 

Below you will find a list of family day carers, their prices, and the highest and lowest client fees charged by the family day carers. 

Northern Region family day carers

Southern Region family day carers

Eastern Region family day carers

Central Region family day carers