Home Care and Allowances

If you are caring for your child at home, you are entitled to unpaid childcare leave until your child turns 3 years old. For the duration of the childcare leave, you may apply for home care allowance from Kela. You may also apply for home care allowance if you are not employed. You may also hire a carer for your child with the home care allowance or private daycare allowance. 

Home care allowance may be applied for when there is at least one child under the age of three in the family and the child is not in municipal daycare. Home care allowance can be paid for children over the age three, as well, if the family has a child under 3 years of age who receives home care allowance.

For more information on the amount, terms and conditions for applying for home care allowance, please visit Kela's website.

It is important to inform Kela about changes to care arrangements or other changes affecting the allowance to prevent overpayments and reimbursements.