Housing Guidance Service

You will receive confidential guidance and counseling from the city of Oulu’s housing counselors on difficult situations regarding housing. The housing counselors guide citizens in all forms of housing, whether it is rental, owned, shared or any other form of housing. 

You may contact the counselors by phone, text message or e-mail. You may set a date for a meeting if you wish. The housing counselors do mobile work. Working with housing counselors is always confidential and free of charge.  

The housing counselors offer you support and advice in matters of housing such as:

  • Applying for housing allowances and benefits 
  • Looking for new housing 
  • Problems in rental payments and other economic problems 
  • Care issues and eviction situations 

On-call service without appointments at BusinessAsema (Hallituskatu 36, 90100 Oulu) every other Tuesday

Housing Guidance Service Contact Information

Rental Housing Guidance Service

Financial difficulties with housing costs 

You should try to figure out your financial situation when you have not been able to pay your housing costs for one month and you are not sure when you will get your financial situation under control. You may discuss possible payment schedules on your debt if you know how you will pay with your landlord. You must be able to pledge to the payment schedule as payment schedules are not made repeatedly.  

If you are uncertain about rental payments or you need advice on payment schedules, please contact housing guidance services.  

If you are sued for the debt, it is no longer possible to make a payment schedule. This is why you should try to handle your debt when you have missed housing payments for one month.  

Financial Difficulties

First unpaid rent

  • The landlord will send you the first payment reminder in the middle of the month. 
  • Contact the landlord and agree on a payment schedule or report payment delay. 
  • If you need support in handling the situation, please contact your region’s housing guidance services. 

Second unpaid rent

  • The landlord has the right to file for eviction once two months' worth of rent has not been paid. 
  • Please contact the landlord immediately to agree on a payment schedule. 
  • If you need support in resolving the matter, please contact your region’s housing guidance services. 


  • Application for a summons and the unpaid rent matter will be shifted to district court to file for eviction, please see the eviction process below. 

Eviction Process

Application for a summons

Application for a summons and the unpaid rent case will be shifted to district court to file for eviction. 

Response time

During the response time, you have a chance to respond to the application. The response time is two weeks. 

Eviction order

The matter is resolved in court and the court reaches a decision. The processing time depends on the local court’s processing queue. A mention is recorded in your credit record. 


The landlord delivers the eviction order to a distraint office for execution. 

Execution of the eviction

The distraint office sends the tenant a moving request. The distraint office often gives the tenant two weeks to move out. 

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