Check that messages sent by the library do not end up in spam! The sending address of the messages sent by the library system will change


The sending address for e-mails sent by OUTI Libraries will change soon to The system automatically sends due date reminders, pick-up notifications for reservations and account expiration notifications. Koha is the name of the library system used by the OUTI Libraries, and Koha-Suomi is the entity that maintains and develops the system. The address is already being tested and some customers have received messages through it.

Messages sent automatically by the library system may go to spam in some cases. Sometimes messages may even not arrive if the security terms of the email service provider's server do not accept it. This can happen, for example, with government agency addresses and Gmail and Hotmail addresses. You can help the arrival of messages yourself by adding the address of the sender of the message to your own contact information in Gmail and to trusted contact information in Hotmail.

According to the rules of use of the OUTI Libraries, problems with the delivery of messages do not remove the customer's responsibility for loans and reservations. You can check your loans and reservations on the OUTI Web Library and at the library's customer service.