Client survey for parents of children in early childhood education and preschool education


Dear parents,

We want to develop early childhood education and care together with you. By answering the survey, you can share with us your thoughts and experiences about your child's early childhood education and preschool education. It is important to us that as many people as possible respond to the survey. If you have more than one child in your family, you can answer each child separately if you wish.

The survey is intended for all client families in early childhood education, open early childhood education and preschool education. Guardians will receive a bulletin about the survey on their child's place of early childhood education/preschool education. The bulletin contains a response link. The survey is open 13.3.-26.3.2023.

You can answer some of the questions in the survey together with your child, such as: whether your child has friends. The survey will be answered anonymously. Responses will be treated confidentially and neither you nor your child can be linked to the answers you provide.

The results of the customer survey are reviewed with daycare centre managers and family daycare providers. The key results will be announced on the city's website. The results of the survey will also be submitted to the Education and Culture Board for information. The unit-specific results and the development measures agreed at the daycare centre are reviewed with the guardians in the manner chosen by the daycare centre in accordance with the City of Oulu's early childhood education plan.

Best Regards,

Kirsi Ranki

Director of Early Childhood Education

City of Oulu Education and Culture Services