Electronic eVaka system introduced at the beginning of May


The City of Oulu early childhood education and care services will abandon Vaka Effica and change to the eVaka customer information system. The aim is that eVaka will bring about a fully digital approach to the early childhood education and care service and administration processes. Among other things, there will be an electronic early childhood education plan.

According to the current plan, eVaka will be implemented in early childhood education on May 1, 2022.  

The City of Oulu develops eVaka in cooperation with the cities of Espoo, Tampere and Turku.  The spring commissioning project is carried out in

collaboration with the City of Turku early childhood education services. Gofore is the eVaka implementing partner for Oulu and Turku.

Family information is transferred from Vaka Effica to eVaka. During the migration, family data are processed by the Effica experts of the City of Oulu and the employees of the implementing partner Gofore. Earlier data in the Vaka Effica are archived in the City of Oulu electronic archive. Data protection and information security will be taken into account during the data migration.

We will inform the parents about the introduction of eVaka in more detail during the spring. 

For more information, please contact Project Manager Anu Hamari: anu.hamari[at]ouka.fi