Fourth coronavirus vaccine doses will be offered to people aged 18 who belong to medical risk groups and to all aged 60.


Published 28.7.2022, updated 12.8.2022


The city of Oulu offers the fourth corona vaccine from Monday, August 15, to people who belong to medical risk groups and are at least 18 years old. The person to be vaccinated should make sure in advance whether he belongs to a risk group that has a higher susceptibility to contracting a severe or serious coronavirus disease than others. The fourth dose of the corona vaccine is also offered to everyone who is at least 60 years old. 

You can book an appointment by phone tel. 08 558 41415 Mon–Thu 8–16, Fri 8–15 at Limingantulli Vaccination site (Nuottasaarentie 5).

The fourth dose of the vaccine has previously been recommended to:

•    Aged 70 and above

•    Persons in medical high-risk groups 1 and 2 and aged 50-69. List of medical risk groups by Finnish institute for health and welfare.

•    Aged 65 and above who are within the scope of organised home care or informal care as well as to other older people whose health and functional capacity have similarly deteriorated

•    Seniors living in care homes

•    To those who are seriously immunocompromised (aged 12 years and older)