Improvements to Nallikari’s amenities over the coming years


The City of Oulu will invest in the recreational and travel opportunities offered by the Nallikari resort. Large-scale renovations of the public spaces and streets are currently underway in Nallikari to improve the amenities. When driving to Nallikari, you can also view the ongoing construction of the Housing Fair 2025 neighbourhood.

The renovation of the Nallikari area improves walking and cycling opportunities in the area, building two new welcoming squares and a new central playground as well as renovating the lighting. Attention has also been paid to accessibility. For example, an accessible clothing locker and guide stripes will be available on the beach. The work will progress in stages and lasts for at least two years. The construction work may cause traffic impediments to drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users. However, the beach and its services will be available without interruption. The aim is to guide tourist traffic to Nallikari via the Pitkänmöljä Bridge during the summer. It is estimated that the entire project will be completed by the opening of the 2025 Housing Fair.

The Vauhtipuisto amusement park will celebrate its opening on 27 May 2023 at its new location in Nallikari, Leiritie street.
- This is a big amusement park for little people, says entrepreneur Kalle Komulainen. Visitors to the park are usually of kindergarten and primary school age and their families, says Komulainen.

The new building intended for Nallikari Seaside Ltd is also making progress during the summer of 2023.

Nallikari's long sandy beach and the natural life of the seashore are its attractions

Nallikari is Oulu's most popular beach, located on the island of Hietasaari. A long sandy beach, a vibrant nature, and a magnificent location guarantee memorable moments along the seashore. A relatively shallow beach, about a kilometre in length, is ideal even for the younger children in the family. The beach is a well-known holiday destination for tourists.  There are several accommodation options and opportunities for recreational activities in the vicinity of the beach.

Nallikari is an important attraction both for Oulu residents and for tourists visiting Oulu. Indeed, the original goal of the local master plan project was to improve the opportunities for recreation and tourism. The construction to be carried out will build the capacity for future investments and services and improve the conditions for walking and cycling. When completed, the area will be a high-quality and attractive recreational destination for both city residents and tourists.

Stages of the project


  • The renovation of Hietasaarentie street, which leads to Nallikari, will be started next to the apartment exhibition area. During construction, access will be through a temporary diversion road. The aim is to direct tourist traffic to Nallikari via Pitkänmöljä Bridge in the summer.
  • Road construction is carried out on the Nallikarinranta and Leiritie streets (stage 1). The Nallikarinranta beachfront will become a slow-speed street, alongside which a broad pedestrian and bicycle path will be built. Oulun Vesi will also work on the water supply in the area.
  • Near the midpoint of the beach, construction on Aallokkoaukio square will be started. A new, welcoming square can be host to small events once completed. The square is located close to the new building of Nallikari Seaside Ltd.
  • Parking spaces for bicycles and scooters will be greatly increased in a number of different locations. For example, there will be about 270 bicycle parking racks that enable the use of a frame lock.
  • Road work on the Holstinsalmentie street has been started with the removal of trees. The lanes of Holstinsalmentie street will be separated with a green strip, which also serves the purposes of stormwater slowing and filtration (stage 2).
  • Construction of a roundabout at Vellamontie street will be started.
  • The Vauhtipuisto amusement park will be rebuilt in a new location along Leiritie street. The grand opening will take place on 27 May 2023. The private project is carried out by Vauhtipuisto Ltd, Kalle Komulainen
  • Nallikari Seaside Ltd is building a new accommodation and business premises building near the beach, the estimated completion time of which is in spring 2024. When completed, the building will house the public toilets for the beach. In the summer of 2023, beach patrons must make use of portable toilets, found at both ends along the entrance routes.


  • A new central playground will be built. The old playground will be maintained in operation as long as possible.
  • Construction on the Nallibaana cycling route will take place along Holstinsalmentie street. The “baana”s are wide cycling routes recognizable by their red asphalt.
  • The roundabout between the Holstinsalmentie and Vellamontie streets will be completed in autumn 2024.
  • The new accommodation and business premises building of Nallikari Seaside Ltd will be completed in the spring of 2024. The building will have holiday apartments with a sea view, as well as business premises for services supporting tourism and leisure. The public toilets for the beach will be located in the building.

After 2025

  • After the Housing Fair, a pedestrian tunnel and a roundabout at the intersection of Hietasaarentie and Holstinsalmentie streets will be built.

Construction area in 2023

Construction area in Nallikari