Koskela Library temporary premises to be opened during summer


Koskela Library will have its long awaited temporary premises renovated for library use during the spring and early summer. Koskela library has been closed over a year, and temporary space for the library was not found until now.

Oulu City Library decided to try a small temporary library space located next to the Koskela K-Market. You can borrow and return materials at the temporary library. Other library services will also be available. Despite being small, the space will be more accessible than the weekly visits of mobile library that started when the Koskela Library closed.

New temporary Koskela Library will be located at Tullimiehentie 2 L 6, next to the old library building. Opening day and opening hours will be announced later.

Puolivälinkangas Library nearby is also closed due to the building of the new building. Temporary space for the library hasn't been found at that area either.