Library events: events with over 50 attendees require the COVID-19 passport


There is no need for a COVID-19 passport when you visit the library normally. Please wear a face mask when visiting the library.

The City of Oulu is introducing the COVID-19 passport at public events held in the library in accordance with the regulations of the Regional State Administrative Agency 26.11.–25.12.2021. The decision can be read here (in Finnish).

Library events are either held for less than 50 people or the COVID-19 passport and ID will be checked at the door of the event venue for attendees over the age of 16. In the events where the COVID-19 passport and ID are checked, this is mentioned in the event announcements and posters.

Follow these steps:

  • Download the COVID-19 passport from My Kanta at
  • The passport is essentially a page with your name and a QR code on it, and your ID.
  • You can print out the passport or show it on your mobile device.
  • The passport will be checked when you arrive at an event in the library, so please make sure arrive on time.
  • The mask recommendation is applied to library spaces.