Ouka.fi website was renewed 22.11.2023

The city of Oulu’s website www.ouka.fi was renewed on Wednesday 22.11.2023.

In the update, the website’s publishing system was completely replaced. The site got a new look as well. Content has been clarified and the site includes a new form of presentation that eases use. 

Many pieces of content can be found from different addresses on the new site. Especially right after the site’s publication you may receive a notice “Page not Found”  (“Sivua ei löydy”) when accessing the site using links or search engines. If this happens, please try using the site’s menus and the site’s own search engine to find content. The main menu and search box can be found on top of the page. 

Content is still being written after the site’s publication. For example, content in English is still being worked on since the translation work continues through the end of the year.  

There are feedback buttons on the bottom of each page, you may use them to give us feedback on that page. 

Thank you in advance for all feedback. It is an invaluable help in our development work.