Oulun kaupungintalo, kuvituskuva

Oulu City Hall will celebrate its opening week on October 7–13 – the Hall will be filled with events


Oulu City Hall will be reopened again once the renovation has been finished. The goal is to put the City Hall back into service in late September 2024. The City Hall’s opening week is celebrated on October 7–13, 2024. The citizens get to explore the event-filled Hall for the entire week. 

The renovated City Hall will be more open to the public than before. The Hall will incorporate adaptable furnishings and, for example, concerts can be held there. 

Starting in the fall, the City Council and City Board as well as political groups will gather at the City Hall. The meeting rooms on the first floor will be named after past Mayors. The office and meeting facilities will be used by the central administration and the Education and Cultural Services administration and specialists. The heart of the City Hall is the banquet hall which is used to receive guests to the city. 

Two exhibitions will open in the City Hall’s ground floor 

New exhibition facilities will open on the City Hall’s ground floor where different exhibitions will be presented. During the opening week, two exhibitions will be opened – the Museum of North Ostrobothnia’s exhibition Seurahuone – kaupunkilaisten talo (Social Club – A Building for the Citizens) and the Oulu Art School’s exhibition Kaupunkitarinoita (City Stories).  

Open house and theme days 

The doors of the City Hall are open to everybody from Wednesday to Saturday. Additionally, guided tours will be offered from Wednesday to Saturday for which you must register beforehand. 

On Monday, there will be activities for children and on Tuesday for young people. On Wednesday, there will be international celebrations at the City Hall with different lectures and workshops that immerse you in Oulu’s various cultures. On Thursday, there will be discussions about wellbeing and communality during an Oulu Panel. Friday’s celebrations will have a historical theme and, in the evening, there will be a dance to the rhythm of Teemu Roivainen. On Saturday, the celebrations will focus on Oulu’s future.  

Sunday – Day of Love 

Sunday October 13 will be the day of love in Oulu. You will have a unique opportunity to get married at the City Hall. The couples will be chosen by a draw, and the ceremony will be carried out by the registry office. A form will open on the Opening Ceremony webpage through which you can tell your love story and apply for the draw. The unique wedding ceremony will include coffee and cake for the married couples.  

The full opening week schedule: https://www.ouka.fi/en/city-hall-opening-ceremony 


The opening week schedule in short (the schedule may be change) 

Monday October 7: Day of the Children 

  • Activity stations for children throughout the City Hall 

  • Children’s Session where children get to interview decision-makers 

  • Soiva Siili: Hannun eläinlapset, a musical photo exhibition 

  • Exhibitions open in the evening 

  • City Council’s celebratory meeting 


Tuesday October 8: Day of the Youth 

  • Activity stations for young people throughout the City Hall 

  • Meeting of the Youth Council ONE 

  • Movie night for young people 


Wednesday October 9: International Day 

  • Lectures and workshops about different cultures 

  • Ukrainian language lessons 

  • Oululaisuudet monet kasvot (The Many Faces of Oulu’s People) – art evening 


Thursday October 10: Influencing Citizens 

  • Oulu Panel with the themes of wellbeing and communality 

  • Participatory budgeting presentation 


Friday October 11: Deep-Rooted History 

  • Activities for the elderly with the theme “Every Day is a Celebration” 

  • Lecture on the City Hall’s history 

  • Dance, Teemu Roivainen and band will be performing 


Saturday October 12: Looking into the Future 

  • Lecture and discussion panel with the theme “Children’s City” 

  • Valtuutetut kuutamolla, a playful trivia event 

  • Club Night for young people 


Sunday October 13: Day of Love 

  • Marriage ceremonies at the City Hall